LiveMIDI is a simple yet very useful MIDI and MP3 file "jukebox" for use by professional musicians to enhance their on-stage performances.

LiveMIDI was developed some years ago to assist some friends who performed in bands with the aid of MIDI files. At the time it was not intended for commercial release however it has recently been observed that there is certainly a need for such a program.

When developing the new version of LiveMIDI simplicity of operation was the main focus. Hence LiveMIDI does not allow the editing of MIDI files, it is simply an extremely useful MIDI and MP3 player.

Some features of LiveMIDI include:

◊ Play MIDI and MP3 files
◊ Create, edit and save unlimited number of playlists (registered version only)
◊ Add programmed pauses into playlists (allows for instrument changes, dialog, etc)
◊ Re-order playlists without having to edit the playlist
◊ Single keystroke start and pause play
◊ Inconspicuous black background for on-stage use
◊ Tested on Windows XP, 7 & 8

A trial version may be downloaded by clicking HERE. The trial version is limited to creation of two playlists with a maximum of five lines per playlist.

The full version may be purchased for just US$39 which entitles you to lifetime updates.

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Please allow up to 48 hours after purchase to receive your unlock code.